Hanz™ Trax Pro Shoe Sanitization Station


The Hanz™ Trax Pro Portable Shoe Sanitizing Station


Stepping on to the Hanz™ Trax Pro exposes your shoe soles to UVC light for up to 8 seconds. UVC light is germicidal, therefore, it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, virus and other pathogens like covid-19, destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease. 

Placing the Hanz™ Trax Pro at entry points to disinfected environments can reduce the introduction of new contaminates spread by the soles of our shoes. Studies show that pathogens on floors are frequently contacted by objects that are subsequently touched by hands and then spread to other surfaces.

**// FDA APPROVED //**


Material Iron, Stainless Steel
Peak Wavelength 270~280nm
Lamp Specifications  GS3535DUV-P20
Lamp Hours
Product Power 84W
Radiant Flux 750nw
Optimum Sterilization Distance Less than 5cm
Sterilization Time 6s
Sterilization Efficiency 95%
Product Color Silver
Working Voltage 12V
Working Current 7A
Standby Power 1W
Power Supply Specs 12V100W
Product Size 50x50x5cm
Packing Size 64x53x6cm
Product Net Weight 25kg