WaveLine XL Blimp Tower Tension Fabric Displays

WaveLine® XL Blimp Towers

WaveLine® XL Blimp Towers


Here at BrandStand®, we take great pride in leading the pack when it comes to elevating brands. We have always produced products that are innovative and attention-grabbing. We continue along with this tradition with the new WaveLine® XL Blimp Towers.

Get your brand seen with the WaveLine® XL Blimp Tower. Built-on lightweight extruded aluminum frames wrapped in vibrant dye-sublimation graphic prints, this display tower is designed to attract attention from across the exhibition hall.

WaveLight® XL Blimp Towers

WaveLine XL Blimp Tower in three sizes for trade shows and evemts

Regardless of your shape preference, users have the ability to pair with many of our other fabric displays and digital kiosks to create a customized 20x20 island exhibit or branded event. The WaveLine® XL Blimp Tower is not only a dynamic centerpiece but also doubles as a storage room.

a. WaveLine® Circular XL Blimp Tower
b. WaveLine® Rectangular XL Blimp Tower
c. WaveLine® Square XL Blimp Tower


Key Features

WaveLine XL Blimp Tower key features for trade shows and events


WaveLine Original Tension Fabric Displays for Trade Shows and Events

 Perfect for Trade Shows and Events.