New! CA700 Case to Counter

New! CA700 Case to Counter

–Case to Counter System

Transform your hard shipping case into an appealing counter in minutes with vibrant SEG Graphics, bringing your exhibit, event or brand to life. This newly updated, all-in-one multipurpose counter system has a larger interior to hold more products and is more durable than ever before. 

CA700 Case to Counter for Trade Shows and EventsCA700 Trade Show counter - now with more features to make exhibiting easier.
1. LARGER INTERIOR holds more display products and accessories.
2. NEW EDGE PROFILES on the case allow for an easier graphic attachment system using Silicone Edge Graphics.
3. VIBRANT GRAPHICS with dye-sub printed fabric that wraps around the case for a complete finish.
4. SMOOTH ROLLING - we’ve put more distance between the wheels for less sway when transporting.
5. POCKET STORAGE slips over the support poles and keeps items from pressing into the graphic.
6. REDUCED FLEX comes in the form of 8 new support pole attachment
points that increase stability.
CA700 Trade Show Counter - now with new features to make exhibiting even easier.
CA700 Counter  –the perfect transport case and counter all-in-one.

CA700 counters are easy-to-pack and provide a captivating greeting space for any trade show or promotional event.


 Perfect for Trade Shows and Events.
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