Hanz™ 500ml Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Hanz™ 500ml Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Wall Mounting


  • Automatic
  • Touch-Free
  • 1000ml models
  • Battery Operated
  • Liquid/Gel Compatible

Kit Includes

*Product may vary based on availability.

  • Dispenser: (1) Hanz™ Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser (500 ml)


    Hanz™ Automatic Gel Dispenser

    • For liquid/gel like alcohol only, not for soap or lotion.
    • Automatic infrared: The automatic infrared sensor detects the area within 3-4 inches and sprays without directly touching the disinfectant –which effectively prevents cross-infection.
    • Application: Automatically releases gel by infrared sensor, suitable for use of various disinfectant liquids and hand sanitizers.
    • Battery Powered: Operated with batteries (500ml=x4AA)

    *Sanitizing Gel and Batteries not included.