Let BrandStand® make your brand stand out!

Fabric PopUp

The OneFabric is ideally suited for:
· Trade shows and exhibitions
· Long distance marketing events
· Sales presentations
· In-store or showroom displays and demonstrations
· Conferences
· Seminars
· Educational activities
· Training & recruitment
Made from 1 piece of fabric! We were the first, That's why we called it the OneFabric Check the competition. Can they guarantee the graphics will line up perfectly after the pieces are joined together? OneFabric is the safe choice. It's printed in one complete piecewith no alignment issues or unsightly seams!
The OneFabric attention grabbing message delivery system offers the convenience of a BrandStand Banner Stand with the visual impact of a Pop-Up Display Wall. We make it curved and straight, we were also the first to make it curved.
We were also the first with the aluminum hooks for perfect accuracy and sturdiness.
Now in a brand new bag with casters made from 100% recycled materials.
We have made them as big as a 4x12 Jumbo wall.
Entire display collapses into durable molded bag for convenient storage and mobility. For added protection and ease a hard case with wheels is available, which has an optional table top conversion kit.
Behind every BrandStand® product is a team of specialists committed to producing world-class products that meet and even exceed all of the international standards. We are proud of the products we manufacture so that you can be certain you've made the right choice.


The OneFabric is ideally suited for:
· Trade shows and exhibitions

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