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WaveLine® Click

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Tension Fabric Graphic Displays The Interactive WaveLine Click is a display with sensors that allows users to drive content on an integrated LED monitor with a wave of a hand. Includes eight LED-lit proximity sensors so users can select from eight media files that are preloaded into the USB device. Users, wave a hand in front of the sensors to select the media they want to see. The LED-lit sensors light up briefly behind the fabric; clearly indicating what media was selected. When you wave the hand again on the same sensor.


•User-friendly -easy to navigate with and intuitive interface
•Adaptable -fully integrates with Brandstand waveline media System
•Conveys more information in a limited space
•Engaging -innovative design grabs attendees attention and keeps them in your booth
•Compact and self-contained.
•Available for purchase.
•Sensors correspond to 8 pieces of content that can be displayed.
•Plays Video Full HD 1080p with AVI, MP4, TS, TRP, MPG, MOV, DAT, VOB, RM-RMVB.
•Plays images BMP, JPEG, PNG. Music MP3, M4A, AAC,
•Easy to set up -NO preloading COMPUTER, just a USB.

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Art#: WaveLine® Click
Measurements:1079.5mmW x 2255.52mmH

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