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Brandstand was challenged By the market place to design a display stand to replace the monotonous rollup, something more than a banner on a stick.We needed to come up with a product that is greener, cost effective, outdoor, indoor, stable, Can be turned in to a light box, display products and last but not least, lite weight and easy to deploy. That was a tall order.
We give you "Brandcusi".
It was in my high school education that I was exposed to Art through the ages, one of my favorite artist is Constantine Brancusi,
who was my inspiration in life, loved his work Especially "Bird in flight" I thought it was one of his best works.
"What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things... it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface."
Constantin Brancusi

Match Lights of Bambino

Art#: Bambino
Description:Brandcusi® Bambino
Measurements:360mm X 150mm X 50mm
Carton Size:490mm X 150mm X 50mm
Net Weight:0.6KG

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